12-year old girl becomes Pakistan youngest lady paraglider


Pakistan-youngest-lady-paraRAWALPINDI: It is rightly said that talent doesn’t rely on age, status and skills and it is proven right by a 12 years old Pakistani girl who has earned a unique record on her name in a difficult field like Paragliding.

The News Tribe, Pakistan’s largest Independent News Website, correspondent reports from the capital city that Laiba Sehar, a 12-year old girl from garrison city of Rawalpindi, made the record only after a few minutes training.

Earlier, the same record was with an 18 years old lady.

Born on Jan 29, 2002 in Rawalpindi, Laiba is the eldest amongst her siblings.

Laiba, who made the record in a paragliding practice by Shaheen Air Adventures Pakistan near Mang area of KPK’s Haripur district, is a student of six class.

Irrespective of her record, she is a absolutely an innocent teen who has some likes and some dislikes.

The student of Al-Qalam Public School, while talking The News Tribe, says she abhors beggars who asks for alms even though they are physically fit.

“Similarly, I feel frustrated to see intelligent kids who never take interest in studies,” the youngest lady paraglider says while telling her likes and dislikes.

An avid reader, Laiba, tells that she likes paragliding because it develops courage in you to overcome your fear and to do ‘something’ in your life.

Her father, Shakeel Imran Badar, a former journalist and now a social activist, had to say that the unique thing about her daughter’s record was that it was made totally on personal expense.

Laiba had paid all the training and logistic expenses to earn the record of Pakistan’s youngest paraglider from her pocket money.


  1. Laiba Seher todays brought tears in my eyes when I saw her touching the skies. Ma Sha Allah, loads of love for you Laiba, my daughterly niece. You don’t know me but yes I remember when you born, I rushed to your home & brought some sweet greet your father Shakil Imran. & if I’m not wrong in over excitement, I think I was one who suggested your name as well.
    Live long my loveliest niece. My prayers will always be with you.
    Your unknown uncle.