Apple iPad 5 vs Microsoft Surface Pro 2: Features, release date and more


apple-vs-microsoftWashington: American technological giant Apple and Software giant Microsoft have set up to hold the tablet market share with their respective upcoming device likely Surface Pro 2 and iPad 5.

Apple is leading the tablet market with its iPad 4 while Microsoft enjoying the some of the market share along with others.

Microsoft haven’t have the great response as Apple gained at the launch of Apple iPad 4

Both companies haven’t introduced any of its devices yet this year. But they are planning to launch their new tablet respectively iPad 5 and Surface Pro 2 this year.

Apple is known for surprising people with its gadgets while Microsoft will be eyeing to grab the tablet market.

Here are some specification of Apple’s iPad 5 and Microsoft’s Surface pro 2.

Users like to have a fast device that can perform multi task according to user requirement. We already know that Microsoft is working on future models of Surface tablet beyond Core i5. The latest rumors have dubbed the new model of Surface is called Surface Plus. On the other hand Apple is coming up with iPad 5 which may have A7 Quad core processor in it.


Microsoft will be one of the first tablet makers to use the newly high-speed yet low-power 802.11ac Wi-Fi standard.

Wireless Charging:

A new Apple Patent, which covers a new Smart Cover that houses the inductive charging transmitter, may be the part of iPad 5. When the cover is connected to the iPad and let closed, it activates and lets you charge the device via a wireless charger, according to AppleInsider.

Screen is the key factor in the success of device because users like to see clear image on the screen. Microsoft’s next batch tablet will include a 7 inch edition which will go up against the Google Nexus 7 and iPad mini. If the iPad 5 comes with a 9.7 in screen, then it likely to have same resolution as the previous two iPads have.

According to Apple, its existing iPad has a Retina display, which means you can’t see the individual pixels when used at a normal distance.

The Storage of new iPad 5 expected to be 16/32/64 and 128 GB while Surface pro will be available with the same storage capacity as iPad 5.

Apple is getting an upgrade towards iOS 7, new iPad is likely to come with the upgraded operating system. On the other hand Surface Pro 2 will have an upgrade Window 8.1.

As far as cameras are concerned, iPad 5 will have an 8-megapixel rear-facing camera which will improve the quality of tablet short.

Both devices have their own qualities and could dominate the tablet market with improved features. Keeping in view of users, that the current version of Microsoft Surface Pro didn’t dominate the tablet world as iPad 4 did at its launch last year. Now the question is which company will dominate the tablet market in era of 2013-2014?


  1. I love made up stories, because I just read the headline, seeing it referring to two non-existent products I made up my own story, and I didn’t have to read this one! Awesome!

    • We really don’t know what other’s might know, but yes – made up for sure. “Has the same memory as the iPad (16/32/64/ 128)?” Hmmm, the surface Pro wouldn’t even run under the first two, and it barely does under the third. If you are confused, reread that paragraph. We all make mistakes, but this article is very careless with the facts. Hopefully, we will know the details before the end of September.

      I am most interested in price. They can plate it with gold, the surface pro, that is, and I would not buy it for the current price. Needs to be $800 with included keyboard (whose actual production cost is under $20) for lowest priced model. If they screw up price, sales will still be short of where they need to be. Price it right and I bet it will sell exceedingly well. It is actually a pretty nifty device, but at current prices, does not compete well against ultrabooks (in my opinion).

      • I know this is late but the Surface Pro and the iPad are not in the same class. This is a problem that microsoft has distinguishing the tablets. The Surface is a “tablet” running the RT version of windows and is comparable to the iPad. The Surface 2 is not $800, it is less than an iPad but far more productive. The Surface Pro is more like an Ultrabook in the same tablet form and price better than most. And with the new docking station the Surface is a VIABLE desktop replacement and no iToy can do that!

  2. Apple didn’t dominate the market or take over the world ,with iPad 4 it already had the biggest market share , and this is going to be their 4 yer in the market, and surfaces’ second.

  3. I don’t see the comparison between Microsoft Surface Pro and the Apple iPad. I carry a Windows laptop and the iPad now. The question for me is do I carry a Surface Pro OR a laptop. I can easily see myself carrying the Surface Pro AND iPad in the future. My brother carries a Macbook Pro AND iPad. So, the question is what to carry for the workhorse OS and what to carry for a work lite, fast boot, quick access tablet: Android or iOS.

    • I think you’re missing the point of where the tablet is trying to go. The tablet is becoming the workhorse that the laptop has been.

      • As soon as Apple puts the OS X on a tablet then we have a comparison of exactly what you are talking about. Until then, Windows Surface Pro should be compared to tablets from Acer, Dell, HP, etc… The iPad with IOS is best compared to the Android tablets. I say that because then and only then are the same feature set and purpose being compared.