Microsoft Surface Pro 2 likely coming front and backside Fingerprint Sensor Tech


microsoft-surface-tabletWith rumours are swaying the tech world on its upcoming tablet, Microsoft has registered a variety of touch sensitive sensors to front side bezel and backside in the future devices most probably Surface Pro 2.

This means that fingerprint sensing technology is expected, which we have been hearing about iPhone 5S and Galaxy Note 3, in Surface Pro 2, on the front bezel as well as on the backside.

“When the user picks up their device in a specific manner, their analyzed and verified fingerprints will be able to instantly unlock their device without any other security measures required,” writes Patent Bolt.

Apply smooth backside touch gestures would making controlling things like playing games, ebook reading and others much easier.

Apple has been working on the same technology for its devices including iPhone 5S, and iPhone 6, but it has still to come with some significant improvement in the field.

So introducing such technology will give Microsoft’s Surface Pro 2 and future devices a cutting edge, which the company actually needs these days.

Microsoft Surface Pro 2 with fingerprint sensor

So keep your finger crossed to see something absolutely ‘new’ from Microsoft for its fans.