“Why are you asking me so tough questions?” PTI Imran Khan leaves newsmen after questions


"Why are you asking me so tough questions?" PTI Imran Khan leaves newsmen after questionsLAHORE: As he speaks to media in which he announced not to participate in All Parties Conference on law and order, cricketer turned politician Imran Khan left the venue over hard questions from newsmen.

On Sunday, Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf chairman was addressing media to give his opinion on upcoming APC, presidential elections and politics.

During the briefing, when journalists were asking tough questions regarding Khyer Pakhtunkhwa government and NATO forces, Khan replied “Why are you asking me so tough questions?”

Following this remark, PTI chief left the briefing and newsmen wondering to whom should they ask these questions.

(Photo: File Photo)


  1. PAKA Noora Hai Ye Kahan Hai Video You ARE Layer And A FUUCKING Bad Hindu salay tere adsense per 2000 clicks ker ki tumhara danda gul ker dun ga aiisa joth bolo agay say to

  2. no body bothered to ask PMLN about there security policy before elections or after it .. but who cares .. lets grill imran khan who faces scrutiny anyway

  3. khan sb ki siyast ka maqsad sirf PM banana hai ,,,he wants only PM he never wants to serve Pakistan……..He wants his label on every things……

    • bhae jee khan sb ny jitna kea hai iss mulk k liye, utna aap 10 baar jam k b nae kr skty… vaddy ae political analyst.
      ty bhae jee english nae ati tou us ki jaan chad deo…

  4. Khan sb Siyast thora kr re hain wo tou kisi aim ki khatir ay hain siyast mai……Mulik ki un ko koi fikar nai…..agr fikar hoti tou Govt k jo achy kam nain un ko apriciate krty……

    • Konse ache kaam?
      1. Nandi pur Scandal
      2. Qatar LNG Scandal
      3. Hybrid Cars Scandal
      4. Bringing Dollar at 104 +
      5. Offer to MQM to be part of Govt
      6. Offer to JUI F to be part of Govt
      7. Not being able to find a single suitable candidate in PML N for Governor Punjab
      8. Finding a Bakri President
      9. Scooties for girls in Punjab when even sensible families won’t allow their daughters yo go alone in conditions prevalent today. This is not India
      10. Agreeing to all terms of IMF (kithe gaya taer e lahooti)
      11. Not uttering s word against beloved Indians after admission of state involvement in Mumbai attacks n no strict stance on Kashmir issue after recent killings

      Are these enough Gilani sahib yah aur ginwaoon “ACHE KAAM” ?

        • I cannot believe anything happened like the situation mentioned above. Khan simply cannot be so stupid to say this. The story is being manipulated for sure. Let us judge after watching the scenario in the video.

      • that means india is better ?

        /9. Scooties for girls in Punjab when even sensible families won’t allow
        their daughters yo go alone in conditions prevalent today. This is not

          • I mean India is better overall. As far as women are concerned, I’ve heard that India has most number of rape victims. So that makes India the most savage country in the World. ;-).

            “Sharam tum ko magar naheen atee.”

    • It says at the end “(Photo:File Photo)”

      This means that the photo is not from the event being reported, but a stock photo taken whenever. This is a very common practice in journalistic world. Nothing new.

      • Seemab Hassan,

        Why do you keep telling people around here to stop writing English? They wouldn’t learn if they do not try! You might be really good at it but that does give you the right to stop others.

        • well, the thing Mr. Hassan is that, I m not asking them to stop speaking English, I m just saying that u have ur own language so u shud use that if u dont know the other one.
          And the comment was made out of anger as the people not having a slightest knowledge of politics are asking a world class leader to leave politics.(and yes, I m not supporting Imran Khan).

          • My God…what kind of discussion is going on here..learning n unlearning a second language. Goras never criticism when Pakis speak their language and we never criticize Goras on not speaking urdu-.. anyway chill guys

  5. r u sure they were asking question that made any sense….coz tough is all that can has faced in all these years….he wud answer questions that the journas wudnt dare ask the PM’s n the Presidents of the past 17 years………so stop telling lies here!

    • im not a PTI supporter and neither a PML one,but an observer of both u can say,so just take my advice bit seriously as its not aimed for anyone,guys of PTI have no tolerance atall for the views not suited to them,u will have to develop this tolerance to gain grounds in Pakistani politics otherwise mark my words u and your party will be on a decline all the time, all of u should leave this blind following factor of Imran khan, afterall he is a human being and he has flaws as well, don’t portray him as someone free of errors and mistakes, believe me this gonna boost ur party, learn the art to take criticism and b brave to face it

    • Lack of experience: Off course, it got to be there for now…. I yet got to see (or hear) anyone getting out of mother`s womb, already an experienced one. For the second part, its purely a judgemental shout, just out of sheer hatredness, (and with the intention to ignite few out there) There is an option to spray “fragrance de peace” through “social media”,….if one chose and btw being judgemental is the easiest (and loneliest) task, one can “perform”.

    • Imran is anything BUT a coward. Faced the Might of the WEST INDIES in 1988!!!!!
      Imran is anything BUT spoilsport – They guy built the cancer hospital and Namal College facing tremendous challenges. He is a hero and role model for the Pakistan quoom. Lion of Pakistan GOOOOOooooooooooo!!!!!