MQM Altaf Hussain seeks time in money laundering case


MQM Altaf Hussain seeks time on money laundering caseLONDON: Muttahida Quami Movement has taken more time to collect evidence against charges of money laundering leveled on it by London police.

According to London Police sources, evidences have been demanded to proof that money recovered during a raid on Altaf Hussain house is legal.

But Altaf Hussain has sought further time to prove money legal in the case.

The law enforcers are likely to give 10 days to MQM leader to give his point of view on the matter.

MQM chief has framed the opinion that most of the money senders belong to Pakistan and contacts is being made with them.


  1. AH (Ass H…) would have to show how the money was transferred through banking channels. It will not be enough to show which volunteer thugs in Pakistan sent it. Throw him in jail and don’t send him back here or he may become the next governor of Sind

  2. or in other words “i am as guilty as shit” and the chamchas are working overtime to save my ass.gutter’s undying loyalty and love and tears cannot save altaf, solid evidence is needed to prove his “innocence”