MQM Rabita Committee slams security forces silence on workers’ killing



KARACHI: Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) outraged over unusual silence of security agencies and government over target killing of its activists in Karachi, the metropolitan city of Pakistan.

MQM Rabita Committee held a press conference on Monday to express its serious reservation regarding the security collapse and law, order situation in Karachi.

While talking to media a member of MQM Rabita Committee Aamir Khan said that nine activists killed after complete identification in different incidents by terrorists during the month of July.

The prominent leader of MQM warned their opponents for not considering our silence as our weakness but effective favour in the interest of Karachi.

Aamir Khan alleged that Lyari gang war, People Aman Committee and sectarian groups has been given free hand to target MQM activists which is termed as a part of conspiracies against us.

He claimed that security forces and agencies conducting illegal raids on MQM’s sector offices in Karachi instead of controlling the indiscriminate terrorism activities carried out by different groups.

The RC member said that terrorists are roaming freely in the city after being involved in several murders of innocent people while security forces are not taking any action on terrorists’ hide outs.

Khan termed the target killing of MQM activists as genocide of Urdu speaking people and also warned the authorities for expected unannounced or announced military operation against them.

Moreover, Aamir Khan expressed grief to the families of deceased MQM workers and prayed for rest of the souls in peace.