Happy birthday USA: Google doodles 4th of July

US Independence Day doodle

Google is celebrating the 4th of July, theIndependence Day in the U.S., with an interactive doodle on its homepages. Google has done every year since 2000, making it the second longest running holiday honored by Google (behind only Thanksgiving).

Today clicking through the Doodle will take you through a series of 13 fun road trip style photos featuring the animated family in various U.S. locations – such as at Mount Rushmore, a baseball stadium, stopping for ice cream, and at the Statue of Liberty.

The interactive Doodle concludes with an snapshot of the family enjoying fireworks in the night sky.

This is followed by Google wishing everyone “Happy July 4th, 2013” via a scrawled note beneath the American flag.

According to the Search Engine Watch, Google then sends users to a search for [When is Independence Day?], which is probably one of the most pointless pages to send users to. Hint: it’s today!

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