Pakistan hopes CIA to stop drone strikes in FATA soon


Pakistan hopes CIA’s drone strikes to be stopped soonISLAMABAD: Pakistan’s newly elected government is hopping that the CIA, the US premier spy agency, to halt its drone attacks in the country’s north western tribal region.

Sartaj Aziz, leader of Pakistan’s ruling Nawaz league, said that the drone strike being carried out by the the CIA’s drones attack will be stopped soon.

“On-going dialogue between Pakistan and the United States will be useful to solve drone attacks’ issue,” said Aziz, who is the adviser on foreign affairs to Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.

According to statistics, 13 attacks have been carried in the Pakistan reported in 2013 so far while 14 strikes were conducted in 2012.
Stopping the attacks and maintaining law and order situation in the country are the two basic commitments of the newly elected PML-N government.

More than 40,000 civilians have been killed in the war against terror in Pakistan while the country’s economy faced a loss of around one billion dollars.

Meanwhile Masood Ahmad Khan, Pakistan’s representative in the United Nations, has also demanded the US to stop the attacks in the tribal area.

Majority of Pakistanis believe that drone attacks are causing civilian deaths and these strikes are not helping the country to eliminate the terrorism. However, only few have strong argument that the CIA’s drone operation can be helpful to eliminate the militants.

Sheeren Mazari, former journalist and a member of the Pakistan lower house, said that the foreign office statement regarding the drone wasn’t enough, the government must stop US from carrying drone attacks to avoid further loss.