KPK Budget 2013-14: PTI and JI budget’s 19 unique points


PESHAWAR: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) led coalition government in Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa has approved its budget for province for fiscal year 2013-14.

Giving detail of the budget, Senior Minister Sirajul Haq says the budget has been distributed into three categories: welfare, development and administrative.

The allocation for each is as follow:

  • About Rs. 162 billion for welfare
  • About Rs. 118 billion for development
  • About Rs. 63 billion for administrative

Siraj says that Madinah is the model state for our government in the province.

19 Unique Points

Following are 19 unique points of the budget from KPK government:

  1. Land record is being computerized
  2. Thana Culture to be change right from the police station
  3. Public can lodge FIR on telephone and Online and they do not need to go to police station
  4. 11,000 villages to be developed
  5. 10 small hydro power projets announced
  6. Mobile courts announced for the province
  7. Over 57 projects of sports, culture and tourism to get over Rs. 100 million
  8. Special package for Kalash Valley minority community announced
  9. For environment protection, the KPK government sets aside Rs. 1.27 billion
  10. Over 157 projects for road infrastructure to get over Rs. 10 billion
  11. Mass Transit System for Peshawar is undergoing planning phase
  12. Subsidy of about Rs. 2 billion has been reserved on wheat
  13. Pension, minimum, increased Rs. 5,000 from Rs. 3,000
  14. Clean water project to be completed
  15. Peshawar to be made ‘City of Flowers’
  16. Green Peshawar Project announced to overhaul the city for which Rs. 1 billion has been reserved
  17. Traffic projects to completed within current fiscal year to ensure smooth flow of traffic in Peshawar
  18. Peshawar Uplift Project announced for which Rs. 4 billion allocated
  19. Welfare projects for specials persons, educational institutes, beggars, women and kids announced

Some Other Vital Measures

  1. Monitoring system comprising up to 500 monitors
  2. Free medical treatment to 800 cancer and 26,000 TB patients
  3. Self Sufficiency scheme to be launched under which Rs. 50,000 to 2,00,000 loan free loans will be given
  4. Position holder student to get scholarships up to Rs. 360 million
  5. Rs. 500 million allocated for Cancer patients
  6. Rs. 100 million set aside for Hepatitis patients
  7. Rs. 3 billion have been reserved for Education Emergency and Improvement Proram
  8. As many as 15 percent increase has been made
  9. Minimum wage to be Rs. 10,000

A brief glance of the important accounts of the budget is as follow:





Total Volume

About Rs. 344 Billion


Law and order

Rs. 52 billion



Rs. 0  billion


Uplift Projects

Rs. 118 billion



Rs. 118 billion


Unemployed Youth

Berozgari Allowance

 7  Health n Education Upto 8 increase
8 Electricity Projects Rs. 2 to 3 billion
9 Tax No New Tax
10 Terrorism Funds Rs. 22 billion
11 Current Expenditure Rs. 222 billion
12 Foreign Funds Rs. 35 billion




  1. her pakistani apne aap se insaf karna ha pehle phir dusro ko keh k tum ghalat ho ya aise ho ya waise ho agar ma acha hu rules ko follow karunga to it means this is a real change or umeed karta hu k sab amal karenge is bat pe or logo ab aap ha k aap her cheez ka sahi istamal karen, govt ne to apna kaam karliya hai. PTI ZIND

  2. I guess they should have made expenditures a little less, because you are never able to get 100% expected revenue generation!! If they now miss 100% their budget would be in deficit!!

  3. Yaar this KPK Budget is exemplary I am really proud of our Pathan brethren who opt for change and who opt for education and prosperity

  4. Har saal budgets aisay hi hotay hain, Compare it with last year KPK budget or Punjab budgets all look equally attractive.

    • lakin is baar ho kar rahe ga ye pechli kisi baar bhi nhi lakin is baar…………………. Insha ALLAH ho kar rahe ga kiun ke ye pti ha

    • No they don’t look equally attractive. KPG government has allocated 19% of KPK budget to the education. While in entire country, the education budget has never been more than 5-6 percent of total budget.

        • First time do remember , good work PTI and Ji k es traha phansay ho nooroun mein k ab woh b kuch acha karnen ka souch rahe hein . Keep it up

    • THen we should simply have a look at other provinces’ budgets, point of attraction is not the projects because in these same projects there are corruption chances!! Point of attraction is if they get implemented without corruption?? That really is difficult, think of a person if he is doing the same work with corruption Has he stoped crruption because of CM KPK now??