PTI husband divorces PML-N wife for voting Nawaz Sharif


Sargodha: A male supporter of Pakistan Tehrik-i-Insaf has divorced her wife on supporting candidate from Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz.

Shafiq, who married a woman from his family in Hafizabad, was annoyed over support of her wife Shamim for supporting PML-N’s candidate from NA-166.

After shamim’s vote to Nawaz Sharif’s candidate, a verbal war started in the house which ultimately led to diverce from Shafiq.


  1. Our society is full of such stupid extreme emotional Idiots. Tomorrow 2 different party leaders will meet, greet and form governments together, but these Idiots will keep on spreading hatred against each other and will not only divorce but also Kill their near and dear ones for disliking their party hero………….Shame, do you think you are civilized. ?

    • you cannot say that she was a traitor….. she wanted to vote for pmln and so she did it…. its her right! aur agar usne bandey ne divorce de dia hai so its good for her. besides, theres no point in staying with a narrow minded person anyway !

    • You ignorant idiot!! What if you had a sister who voted for PML N, and her husband divorced her? Wouldn’t you call this sheer stupidity?