PTI sit in against vote rigging in Karachi and Lahore continues


KARACHI: Hundreds of activists of Pakistan Tehreek-Insaf including youngsters, students and families started sit in on Teen Talwar Karachi and Lalak Jan Chowk Lahore against vote rigging in Pakistan’s biggest cities Karachi and Lahore.

The protesters began their sit in at 5:30 on Teen Talwar road in the Defence area of Karachi demanding the authorities to take action against rigging activities happened in Karachi.

The road is completely blocked by the huge crowd of PTI activists, protesters allege that polling event was manipulated on several polling stations by a political party.

The protestors also demanding the Election Commission Pakistan to conduct re-election in Karachi.

A PTI’s activist told TNT correspondent that the protest will be resumed till the higher authorities to consider their rights and soon the party leaders will also reach to deliver speeches.

He said that the anger and frustration is created in the citizens Karachi by the apparent inability or unwillingness of the authorities to hold a fair election in Karachi.

Moreover, a large number of workers of Jamaat-e-Islami workers also joined the sit in started by the PTI.


  1. The allegations may or may not be correct but there are some
    interesting incidents; the polling at nearly all constituencies could not start
    before noon, one candidate a convert from PPPP to MQM got record 170,000 votes in
    a period of three hours’ polling and the when the affected parties staged a
    protest rally next day, the chief of MQM threated violence and secessions if
    his party’s “mandate” was challenged. These very facts alone make the integrity
    of the entire polling exercise in Karachi very questionable. The MQM chief’s
    reaction shows that everything was not normal; there was some game being played
    somewhere. The protest rally against MQM electoral victory is significant in
    the sense that no party in Karachi had the courage to challenge the party in
    the past, and if this was being done now, it was the real change. Read more at: