Microsoft Surface Pro 2, Surface Mini and Windows Blue 8.1 release date and price overview


With Android tablets and smartphones are already eating Apple’s share, Microsoft is all set to launch its Surface Pro 2, Windows Blue 8.1 and smaller tablets.

The first generation tablet from Microsoft remained unable to grab a major share from Android and iOS devices and with the launch multiple products the software giant hopes for being a major player in mobile devices’s category.

However, the size and the price may be key factors in deciding future of these launches. There are rumours that Microsoft may go for a 7 or 8 inch tablets while price of Surface Pro and Surface Mini may also be different from their predecessor. Microsoft’s Surface Pro starts at $900 and Surface RT or Mini at $500.

The right size and price could make a lethal combination with built-in Microsoft Office, which is still considered the best software for use.

Build developer conference which is scheduled in June from Microsoft likely to be the platform where we could get some details about Surface Pro 2 Surface Mini. And details regarding Windows Blue 8.1 are likely to be revealed in next few weeks.

So this summer is going hotter for geeks as Apple, Google and Microsoft will be revealing their new operating systems and may be next range of their products.