PTI vs PMLN vs PPP war on TV ads: a brief review

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As election day gets near in the country, political parties have gearing their promotional campaigns on Television channels.

Leading parties from South Asian country with nuclear capability have been carrying some themes which actually show their future lines of work.

However, you could see two thing common in TV ads of Pakistan Tehrik-i-Insaf, Pakistan Muslsim League Nawaz and Pakistan Peoples Party: use of songs to promote their message and attacking each other verbally.

Here is a brief comparison of TV campaigns of the leading parties:

PTI Campaign Points

A brief analysis of PTI promotional will tell you that they have made of follow ingredients:

1. Youth Participation: The ads show induction of young blood in overall process of PTI.

2. Challenging corrupt and old system: The second element, which is the thing common people are annoyed at, is challenging alleged corrupt and old system.

3.  Hope and Change: The overall tonality, content and visuals give message of hope and change, which matches with trends of the society.

PMLN Campaign Points

Ads from PMLN shows the background work which has been done to prepare the promotional campaign. Some analysts say that the most attractive and frequent campaign is being run by this party.

1. Previous Achievements

The campaign is revolving around the achievement of PMLN’s government in Punjab with major works like Metro Bus Service, Anti-Dengue campaign, road networks.

2. Future Works

The campaign also focuses on future areas of work which PMLN would concentrate on. Some major areas include load-shedding, transportation, inflation, economic uplift and others.

3. Public Participation

The campaign also integrate skillfully the views and emotions of people who could be seen lauding and recommending works of PMLN


PPP Campaign Points

A bit contradictory and unorganized campaign basically tapping emotions of people instead of using any logic.

1. Bhutto Legacy


The campaign is themed to trigger emotional buttons of people particularly rural areas using speeches and quotations of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and Benazir Bhutto.

2. Poverty

Another major feature is to talk about poor and poverty alleviation with projects like Benazir Bhutto Income Support Program.


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