Worsening law & order situation, Election can be delayed, MQM

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worsening law and order situation, election can be delayed, MQM MULTAN: Muttahida Qaumi Moment (MQM) leader Raza Haroon said that delay in election is not a remote possibility in Pakistan.

During his conversation with media at Multan’s Chowk Bazar, Southern part of Punjab, MQM leader said that insight of current law and order situation upcoming election can be postponed to save further damage to human lives.

He blamed the chief election commissioner (CEC) of Pakistan for the situation as he said “CEC is not practicing his authority to make election free and fair” Haroon said “Terrorist attacks against MQM and Awami National Party (ANP) will make election more of a selection”.

MQM leader criticized the interim government and said that the election is main responsibility of caretaker setup but the current administration has failed to maintain law & order in the country.

Mr. Haroon invited all political parties to join hands against the terrorists. It is worth-mentioning that MQM and ANP were part of the federal and provincial governments during last five years but the leader of the former ruling party blamed the interim government on law and order situation as port city of Karachi is under consecutive bomb attacks sicne last week where PPP and MQM’s selected caretaker setup is running the show.

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