Greatest news from Smartphone world: Smartphone for blinds invented


Greatest news from smart phone world: Smart phone for blinds inventedLONDON: A great news for completely or partially blind individuals, Now they can also be apart of smart phone revolution because after lots of hard work and research finally technology wizards have come up with their smartest invention, the Braille Smartphone which will be a special phone for people who are visually impaired.

It would be a little different than touching the normal smartphone and communication will also be different but the Braille Smartphone is definitely a gift for a lot of individuals with different disabilities.

Until now people were blaming the smart phone technology for not considering that all these touch devices need a primary ability from individuals but now this blame game is over and we all as human beings can be happy that disabilities will not stop anyone from using the gifts of technology. Now no one will be excluded form the great innovation called smartphones.

It should be worth mentioning here that according to a report from World Health Organization, about 285 million individuals are completely or partially blind universally. The survey concluded that out of the 285 million about 39 million are completely blind and 246 million are partially blind but this phone will be for every one.

A new venture company from India named Kriyate has come up with this Braille Smartphone that is due for a release sometime next year.

The Braille Smartphone is the brain child of Sumit Dagar who created this smartphone with IIT-Delhi and LV Prasad Eye Institute- Hyderabad.

According to Dagar the phone has “repressible Braille display”. The phone display has a grid created with pins that pop up and go down for the blind person to touch the pins and read the material.

Till date people with visual problems have largely been dependent on voice or general noise producing based devices which they could hear and follow. This is the first time that someone has come up with the innovation of pins that can be touched for a blind person to read through touch.

The other functions of sound and vibration remain same as in other smartphones. The phone is to sell for 184 dollars. The innovation was awarded by Rolex in 2012 for 53000 dollars. The prize money was used to enhance the phone better and design the product for release.