Apple iPad Mini 2 and Samsung Galaxy Note 3 release dates, specs and prices: A comparison of next gen tablets


With so many mega launches from Samsung, HTC, Nokia, Sony, everyone is now excited about the Apple iDevices including iPhone 5S, iPad Mini 2 and iPad 5.

But Apple’s bit indifferent attitude regarding details of its products is always proved to be a trigger for  generation of numerous rumours and reports about the devices.

On the other hand, Samsung looked a bit open when it comes to specification of its products, at least unofficially.

We have compared Apple’s next generation iPad with Galaxy Note 3, next flagship phablet from Samsung, last week based on available clues.  This week we have compared Apple’s next generation iPad Mini with Galaxy Note 3.

Specification  Apple iPad Mini 2 Samsung Galaxy Note
Release Date Earlier it was reported that Apple couldlaunch its iPad Mini 2 in summer. However

recent statement of CEO Tim Cook about

‘fall’ launch has wiped out such clues. We

could expect iPad Mini 2 to be hitting

somewhere in September this year.

Without any authentic clue over the release

date, we could say that Samsung could opt

IFA, Berlin as launching pad for Galaxy

Note 3. The device is likely to hit stores in  October.

Processor As reports are there about launch Apple’snext and faster processor in June to

July period, it is almost sure that the

mini tablet will be having A7 processor.

 Exynos 5 Octa has been dubbed as the

fastest processor so far for mobile devices.

The same ‘fastest’ processor will be the part of Galaxy Note 3.

Battery Heavy applications and longer usageperiods have shorten battery time in

the smartphone and tablets. Working

on this issue, Apple is likely to bring in

a iPad Mini which could be used for 10


Galaxy Note 2 had come with an amazing

battery capacity of 3100 mAh. But there

are clues about battery power of Galaxy

Note 3. All we could say, a more powerful


Display There are several reports about displayof the next generation iPad Mini. They


  • IGZO display from sharp for a

slimmer mini tablet

  •  About 7.9 ” display
  •  Resolution four times higher

than iPad Mini 1

 SamMobile has reported a 6 ” FHD AMOLED  display for the phablet.
Camera Though there are not enough clues topaint a picture of iPad Mini 2 regarding

camera functioning. But features like

FaceTime, iSight are likely to come with

1080 pixel HD video recording.

Samsung has proved to be having best

camera functions as compared to its

competitors. With all these great functions

Galaxy Note 3 is likely to come with a

13 Megapixel camera.

Price As Apple has proved itself consistentin terms of products’ prices, iPad Mini 2

is most probably coming with the same

price as of iPad Mini 1s

Keeping in view of Samsung’s pricing

strategy, some tech forums suggest a

price of up to $800 for the device.