Google doodles Leonhard Euler’s 360th birthday


LONDON: The 360th birthday of the Leonhard Euler, one of the greatest mathematicians of all times, is being celebrated with Google doodle on the homepages across the world.

Euler was born in Basel, Switzerland on 15 April 1707. Leonhard Euler’s father, Paul, was a friend of the Bernoulli family. Johann Bernoulli, who was then regarded as Europe’s foremost mathematician, would come to be the most important influence on young Leonhard.

He is known for introducing much of the mathematical terminology and notation that is used today, such as the notion of a mathematical function. Euler also made important discoveries in the field of calculus and graph theory.

He travelled to Russia, where he prospered until foreign intellectuals became unpopular and he moved to Berlin. When Catherine the Great succeeded to the throne, Euler returned to Russia, where he died in 1783.