Apple iPad Mini 2 specs, release date and wirless charging feature


A combination of an elegant design and an amazing display could be called Apple’s next mini tablet, iPad Mini 2, the successor of iPad Mini.

The iPad Mini, despite having a great device with a pocket-friendly price, lacked in some of its specification like missing a Retina Display and others. So for upcoming iPad Mini 2, people are expecting upgraded specs to  compete with Galaxy Note 2 and Google Nexus tablets.

Release Date

Last month we had got a hint that Apple might launch its next generation tablets including iPad 5 and iPad Mini 2 in April. But now we are in mid of April and there are no indications at all from the US tech that it is willing to launch the tablets this month.

So if we go with the recent reports, which claim that Apple is likely to launch next generation tablets in October, it would be more logical.


Earlier reports say that iPad Mini is coming with a better display density as compared to its predecessor iPad Mini.

The reported stated that Apple was likely to debut iPad Mini 2 with 324 Pixel Per Inch density, which would give the device an enhanced display capacity. If we suppose density at 324ppi then the device is most probably coming with a 7.9 inch screen.

But whether Apple is going to use Retina Display or IGZO display, is not clear yet.

Wireless Charging

Apple has recently got a patent approval with the title of Smart Cover, which allows wireless charging facility to any device compatible with the technology. The patent consists of a special circuitry which enables a device to get charged by simple placement on a wireless station.

But as current generation tablets are not compatible with the patent, most probably we could see wireless charging feature in Pad Mini 2 and iPad 5.

A7 or A6X Processor?

Apple has two choices right now as far as processor is concerned: either to use A6X processor which was used in iPad 4 or to roll out A7 processor in all of its product line including iPad Mini 2.

As reports have consistently been emerging about the manufacturing of A7 processor, we assume that Apple will also use the latest processor in iPad Mini 2.