Sony PS4 price under $400 or above $400: a review


After official announcement of Sony’s next generation gaming console PlayStation 4 (PS4), the gaming enthusiasts are eagerly looking for price and release date of the ‘Future of Gaming.’

We have published a report regarding the speculated price of the PS4 gaming console and got a mixed reaction over it Some fans favour a price under $ 400 and some fans believe that a price under $ 400 does not go with the image of the prestigious gaming brand.

We have summed up some of the arguments from both side.

PS4 price under $400

The basic argument from people favouring a PS4 under $400 is that they feel if price is over the amount then likelihood of console’s success will decrease.

“They would shoot themselves in the foot if it wasn’t 400 or under when it comes out. The Ps3 didn’t take off unless it got to that price point. I remember working at GameStop and almost begging people to buy a $600 console. $400 would get customers to come in on their own accord and I could beg people to buy accessories at that point,” says Justin Giles, a former employee of leading gaming retail network, GameStop.

Stephen Wright, another PlayStation fan, believes price anywhere around £300 will allow people to buy the PS4’like a shot.’

“Sony were lucky this with the ps3 sales but they did suffer in the first couple of years or whatever regarding the staggering price almost £400 with a game or two. Before when PS1 and PS2 came out they were around the £300 mark. I’m just hoping that they have learnt their lesson. If its around the £300 mark i’d buy it like a shot.

PS4 Price Above $400

Contrary the fans, who oppose any price under $400, think that any cut in the price will result in poor quality of the console.

“The PS4 cant cost under $400, take a closer look at the specs than the price you’re expecting (it seems impossible,” says Villiam Taunaki, seems to be a die-hard fan of PlayStation series.

Villiam went on saying “Stop being cheap (as)  $350 is too unrealistic. This is why Sony can’t make better consoles, because people like you are only willing to pay $350 for a console.”

Another view also support the argument of Villiam.

“PS4 has really good specs, the hardware is expensive,” says Jy Juyj while commenting over the issue.

The debate about interrelation of price and quality of PS4 is getting hotter. What’s your say over the issue?


  1. think of it like this: for the ps4 to compete with pc gaming you have to expect to come out of the gate expensive. 800$ would not surprise, 600$ is probably more likely. if you expect anything less than that im a afraid youre in for disappointment.

  2. I have no problem paying between $400-$500 for the console. One of the main reasons I hear it might be lower than expected is because it won’t be compatible with other games(ps1/ps2/ps3).

    I’ve had every Playstation system and every one has NOT disappointed. My only worry is how long until they release the PS5?

  3. why have you said that ps4 should be above 400$ .my question to you is that the poor people who wants to play ps4 have no rights to play it ….it does not mean if you are a rcih person then all other are rich ps4 price must be exact 300$ not more not lesss…so may people can buy them