Sony PS4 coming with fastest memory and hard drive, balanced video card and performance

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Right amount of memory, video card, speed of hard drive and performance excellence are the main ingredients of Sony’s PlayStation 4, says a game expert.

Michiel Van Der Leeuw, Guerrilla Games technical director and an expert of game specs, is of the view that PS4 is so developer-friendly that developers would not find ‘performance bottleneck.

Guerrilla Games is working on Killzone: Shadow Fall to be released with PS4 later this year.

“The PlayStation 4 has been so carefully designed that developers won’t find a performance bottleneck,” Michiel said while talking with Edge.

The Guerrilla director believe that next generation gaming console from Sony would even leave PC hardware behind due to its coherent integration.

“A PC is a number of parts that also [have] bridges in-between, where there are inefficiencies that may [come in if they're not] exactly the right match,” he further said. But in the next breath he has declared that Sony has managed to overcome the inefficiencies for a smooth performance.

Michiel said that developers had got the ‘right amount of memory and video with everything was configured in a balanced way.

The speed of the memory, the amount of compute units and the speed of the hard drive are other factors which have amazed Michiel about the PS4, the ‘Future of Gaming.’

Though claims sound like somewhat unrealistic, but there is no doubt that Sony has been smartly and hardly over hardware and software of PS4, likely to be showcased in end of April and to be released in holiday season.

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