Microsoft Windows Live Messenger shut down: 5 things you will miss


Microsoft has folded the epic messenger service, Windows Live Messenger, on April 8 worldwide with an uproar could be heard from its fans on web.

The shutdown of the MSN messenger is rolled out after the acquisition of voice over internet protocol (VoIP) based communication firm Skype. Now Windows Live Messenger is functional only in China.

But what things the fans will miss about the Windows Live Messenger?

We have listed five things which would be missed out by fan following of the messenger:

Simple User Interface

Everyone who has used the MSN messenger should have noticed how easy it was to use the service. Its the base for a huge fan following of the service worldwide. Skype, on other hand, is not at all an easy tool to use.

Casual Contacts

Windows Live Messenger was unique in sense that it made you connected with casual contacts and persons. This gave the messenger user a diversity in contacts. Skype, nevertheless, focuses on being more personal and business centric tool.

After installing the Skype, MSN messenger contacts would automatically be merged into Skype contacts removing the separation line of casual and business contacts.

MSN Messenger Compatibility with Xbox

Xbox is not just a game console but Microsoft is gradually turning it into a hub of home entertainment. Integration of Hulu, Netflix and Smartglass are just a few things to mention. Above all it was connected with MSN Messenger and gamers could chat with their friends and families though their TV sets.

iPhone App: A Pleasure

Getting space on its rival like Apple is not an easy thing for Microsoft. But Windows Live Messenger app was a pleasurable app for chat on iPhone devices as compared to difficult-to-use app of Skype. After the shutdown, users have to switch to Skype to get connected with their friends.

More Human

Skype is basically a tool to get connected with personal and business contacts. Unless you do not know a person, its useless to get in touch with him or her on Skype. So its more mechanical as compared to MSN Messenger, which is more human in getting connected.


  1. I liked the you have mail notice with WLM which is always on and hidden in systray, I do now keep browser always open and Skype has no email notice.
    Hate it when Corp shove their agenda down consumers throats. Just bad user experience!
    Fortunately there are non MS alternatives!

  2. I was wondering if I was the only one that is still able to use Windows Live Messenger, I thought I was going to turn on my computer and the service wasn’t going to work and force me to upgrade.. But it didn’t so I guess I will keep using till my hand is really forced. But I would like to point out I have been experimenting with Skype as well, it isn’t really a bad IMer, you can send offline messages, it has a great bunch of emoticons (no custom ones though 🙁 ) you can create groups for contacts, sending files like pics and music is still easy. I was able to share my desktop, so others can see my browsing which can be cool. I adjusted the look of it, so its small just like MSN messenger was. But I am still going to holdout. The email Notifications and shortcut link to email is my main reason for not liking the switch.

  3. Two major things that are actually missed are 1) e-mail notifications (which there are a LOT of threads about) and 2) grouping of contacts.

    I’ve still not made the merge – somehow I can still login to WLM – but I’ve also heard the migration process is definitely buggy, with issues porting contacts over. I’m honestly not sure I’d ever port my stuff over based on the current feedback.

    • it is buggy, don’t do it, i merged my account with skype and now my contacts list is bloated and people that i never added appeared in my skype contact list

  4. If someone who’s been using WLM for years can’t figure Skype out I’d say they suddenly forgot how to internets.