iPhone 6 Arrival: Is the iPhone 5 about to disappear?


iPhone 6 Arrival: Is the iPhone 5 about to disappear?CALIFORNIA: Technology giant Apple is all set to launch its new iPhone in few weeks but the million dollar question is: what will be the future of iPhone 5.

“Is iPhone 5 about to disappear” after the launch of updated or new version of Smartphone from U.S. tech giant?

When we talk about past practices and the response from consumers, we can say that Yes! iPhone 5 is going to disappear from the technology seen, at least from United States, United Kingdom, Australia and European’s markets.

Keeping Apple’s practices and consumer behavior in mind, many Technology experts predicting that in case of new Smartphone from Apple, the old one can’t survive in the market.

Few believe that it’s depending on the features and innovations Apple will come up in iPhone 5s or iPhone 6. People will dump iPhone 5 if the new comer will offer something extra.

“While we talk about older one after the launch of next generation device, it’s understood that ‘Old is Gold’ concept doesn’t work in gadget’s market” said Katherine Jones, TheNewsTribe correspondent from United State.

According to the available unconfirmed information, iPhone 5S or iPhone 6 will come up with Scratch less screen, advanced iOS and A7 processor, an improved camera up to 13 Megapixl. In that case last member of the Apple’s iPhone family will be out of the market.

iPhone 5 is also taken as “strategy shift” from Apple in faraway Asian and African markets. In past the latest version of Apple’s Smartphone was not made available in the Asian and African markets even a year after the launch in U.S. But this time anyone can easily buy latest version of the iPhone in third world countries. Market analyst assume that this “availability is also the sign of iPhone 5 disappearance.”

And last but not the least new players like Nokia’s Lumia, Samsung’s Galaxy S4, HTC and other Windows and Android based Smartphones will also capture the market share to shake iPhone 5’s standing.


  1. It will be the end of the golden period for Apple’s because Samsung will not prvoide free passage to new Smartphone from Apple.