Human side of Microsoft Windows Live Messenger shutdown


Microsoft has at last closed down its historic messenger service, Windows Live Messenger also known as MSN Messenger.

Launched way back in 1999, the service played an important role in building relationships and social networking among common man. At its peak, the site was catering over 300 million visitors a day.

One of such story, which The News Tribe has received from a US man who fell in love with a British national girl and both of them got married just because of MSN messenger, is as follow: Ryan Von Rosenberg writes

“My wife and I started and maintained our relationship on MSN messenger. We met on DeviantART and used MSN messenger to talk. She lived in the UK and I lived in the US, over time we fell in love and finally were able to meet. Again, MSN messenger helped us communicate how we would meet, even while using the phone MSN messenger allowed us to plan more easily as neither of us did phone calls well…

We met twice, I went there for a month and a half and came back, again, MSN messenger was there for us, helping us maintain our relationship without paying stupid fees for phone calls… A good year later she came to the US for 6 months, halfway into the stay I asked her to marry me and she said yes. And then as the government requires foreign fiances to get a fiance visa while living in THEIR country she had to leave again, we were separated again, and once again MSN
messenger was there.

We prepared wedding details and such through MSN messenger while she was gone, we did use the phone, but again, MSN messenger was preferred… Then we were finally together, married, to be together forever, and we are. We’re happy… And we still go to separate rooms to relive those days of long distance, chatting with each other on MSN. Or Live Messenger as we call it now… We still use it. So what are we losing?

My wife and I are losing the place we cultivated our love. We still have the message logs, the memories, the custom emoticons we always used to use. What would we lose going to Skype? The freedom of sharing links easily, just within the window, the fantastic custom emoticons we use every time we chat, and the sentimental value of somehere we used to spend eight hours a day together before we finally got to meet…

So why am I posting this here? I’ll be honest, I’ve no idea. I guess a form of eulogy to somewhere I spent so many hours every single day for a good 8 years of my life.

We’re migrating to QQ Messenger as it’s very similar to how MSN used to be.”

This is just an example. MSN had played an important in building human relationship and in bringing people close So irrespective of boundaries and geography.

Microsoft has asked MSN users to switch to Skype, a company, that it had bought at a hefty amount of $ 8.5 billion in 2011. The transition took almost half an year though millions were still willing to use their beloved MSN messenger.

What’s your opinion?


  1. This story speaks to me in more ways then some, considering me and my girlfriend have been using this same exact service for 2 years since we met on deviantART ourselves and have been very happy in nurturing and growing our love one chat conversation at a time. But now that MSN has decided to merge with the shitty service of Skype for some unknown reason (and no I dont need to know because any reason they have is not a good enough one to me), I dont know if we both will be able to maintain the same relationship we had in the first place. And also, before anyone jumps the gun and asks, “Well, why not use another chat program?” and at first I thought the same thing, but then I really got to thinking and came to the pretty simple conclusion that nothing would ever be the same, Facebook, Yahoo, Google Talk, nothing would replace our time on MSN and nothing would feel the same like it had when we started talking, even if it was only 2 years ago, its still been long enough to know I am deeply in love with her and to lose her because Microsoft was a dumbass and shelled out 8.5 billion dollars for a bunk chat program, all because they probably think “video chat” will be the next big thing, is hands down, just the most retarded thing ever. But frankly, I dont give a damn why the swtiched, they are just assuming everyone wants to use Skype and that is presumptuous and rude. I hope they lose money from this and go bankrupt, you hear me Microsoft? Thanks for nothing, dicks.

  2. Skype is shit for instant messaging. You don’t even get to choose your font color to distinguish between different writers. UI is way too cluttered. I’ve been using Skype for 2 years (cause of the VOIP) so it’s not something you’ll just get used to. Me and my friends have started to look for alternatives and we will most likely use Yahoo’s servers (via Pidgin or some other non-cluttered program). An excellent way to lose users is forcing crappy UIs down their throats, but since that’s been Microsofts specialty for 20 years now, nothing new there. When I design UIs, I like to give users alternatives to choose from and use some effort on customizability.