Sony PS4 first appearance in April end, E3 will be focused on games



Sony is considering a mega event in end of April or in beginning of May to reveal its future gaming console, PlayStation 4 (PS4) instead of waiting for E3 event in June.

Electronics Entertainment Expo (E3), one the world’s leading trade event for gaming consoles, video games, handheld devices and others,  will be held from June 11 to 13 in Los Angeles Convention Centre.

Earlier, The News Tribe had reported that Sony could use E3 as the launching event for its PS4. But now PC Mag has reported that Sony is planning an event in April or May to demonstrate its gaming console, which was not shown on Feb 20.

The move, according to PC Mag, is aimed at grabbing media attention as well at capturing mind share of users against Microsoft’s Xbox 720, also being released this year.

But there are no official hint so far about Xbox 360 successor except a tip on one of Microsoft’s blog that posted a countdown to 2013 E3.

The move of an early unveiling of the gaming console from Sony could be an improved strategy to clearly state the details about PS4. Holding a mega event before E3 will enable Sony to focus on games during the expo.

Sony’s next generation gaming console is likely to hit stores in October with a reported price of 300 Great Britain Pound.



  1. Sony is really doing a great job this time around. It’s good to see them kicking butt from the very beginning. A lot of people have been waiting for Sony to really get into it. Love it!

  2. They won’t be planning – if they’re doing something in May its already well into planning!! Think before you write! They won’t display the PS4 at E3, that will be for games – another event will be for the unveiling of PS4.

    • The size of the super slim but the build quality of the slim is something I’m wishing for. Must have a slot loading disc drive and plenty of ventilation.

      • sony is essentially a electronics hardware specialist with historically golden background. seems like you don’t know much about sony!