Sony PS4 price under $400, multi-player support free a must thing for success


Sony’s official announcement about PlayStation 4 has made us aware of most of the hardware specification.

We have discussed in last reports about some of changing the Japanese gaming pioneer is planning to make in its behavior and upcoming gaming console.

Some of the major changes, both in the console and behavior, include:

1. Thinking Gaming in world of social networking is something different from just a ‘device-driven’ world

2. Revolution of smartphones has a direct link with gaming and consoles have to compatible with these ubiquitous connecting devices to bring millions of new users into network

3. Online infrastructure and networking is the key in future of gaming

4. Bringing the best of gaming, games and game developers is the fuel to keep the gaming console keep going

Sony has a program of integrating these four key points, but we have no detailed map regarding its implementation.

But from a user perspective, two key shouldn’t be ignored by Sony bosses.

First, the price of the console should not more than $400 as smartphone pricing has changed purchasing pattern of tech lovers.

Second, the multi-player support should remain free to bring the spirit of networking to the PS4 console.

What’s your opinion on a cheaper price and a free multi-player support?


  1. Saying the price should be under $400, because of smart phone prices? That makes no sense whatsoever.
    High-end smartphones are often very expensive (other than Google’s flagship Nexus devices that is, which are expensive, but can be considered cheap in relation to other phones); $500-700+ depending on model and memory. Also, carrier subsidized phones ARE NOT CHEAPER. You are very often paying MUCH more for a phone through a phone contract than if you were to buy it upfront, even if the initial price is “cheap”. PS4 pricing needs to be determined base on included features and capabilities in relation to similar devices, such as Wii U and the next Xbox and also its predecessor and its predecessor’s competition.

  2. Smartphones are subsidized, moron. If you think that Sony can sell the PS4 at $400 and cut a profit, you’re high. Go try buying that smartphone without locking into a contract.

    • Better yet, go put together a gaming PC for $400 and see what piece of junk you come out with. If Apple has taught tech anything, it’s that price means nothing as long as you have quality parts and a good marketing strategy. The MBP is way overpriced, but their marketshare is skyrocketing because price isn’t the key factor. It’s not even the best option and costs twice what a comparable system costs, but it still sells.

  3. They would shoot themselves in the foot if it wasnt 400 or under when it came out. The Ps3 didnt take off under it got to that price point. I remember working at Gamestop and almost begging people to buy a $600 console. $400 would get customers to come in on their own accord and I could begg people to buy accessories at that point 🙂

    Free interweb is a must also. I can see giving perks for playstation plus like discounted downloads and ps3 game downloads that are discounted so if something is exclusive on ps3 when ps4 is out, then it could be downloaded on ps4. Also they should give an incentive like with a $29.99 purchase of playstation plus you get a beginning year for free plus the downloaded info of your old ps3 transferred for free with it. Knowing companies transferring old data will most likely cost so they should be as innovative as possible with playstation plus.

  4. Are you seriously comparing smartphones to PS4 as a just reason for a low price tag? Phones are crap, way overpriced. PS4 has really good specs, the hardware is expensive. I’m not even going to go any further, just do at some some damn research before you write an article.

  5. sony were lucky this with the ps3 sales but they did suffer in the first couple of years or whatever regarding the staggering price almost £400 with a game or two. Before when ps1 and ps2 came out they were around the £300 mark i’m just hoping that they have learnt their lesson. if its around the £300 mark i’d buy it like a shot. Also online should always remain free with an option of playstation plus.

  6. agreed they need the multiplayer to remain free along with the option of playstation plus as it was on the ps3 and the pricing should be around the £300 mark that’d do me very well for a first day buy