Sony PS4 release date and price in US, America and Asia: a comparison

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Rumours about the price and specification regarding Sony’s upcoming flagship console, PlayStation 4, are on rise and everyday there is another clue about the console.

We have written a piece via The Sun newspaper comprising release date and price of the PS4 claiming that the console will be released in October and the price will be around 300 Great Britain Pound. The release date and price was apparently covering European region.

One of our reader, Viliami Taunaki, has given us a comparison of European region with American and Asian region keeping in view the price of PS4 as 300 GBP.

Taunaki writes in his note “No one should be complaining about a price like this. But just to make sure I’ll list countrie currencies. for 300 pounds.
USA = 454.11 Dollars
Japan = 42218.40 Yen
Canada = 460.42 Canadian Dollars
Australia = 433.23 Australian Dollars
New Zealand = 539.47 Dollars
South Korea = 507468 Won
China = 2815.23 Yuan
Mexico = 5606.58 Peso
Malaysia = 1399.78 Ringitt
Brazil = 918.82 Brazilian Real
Philippine = 18632.79 Peso”

It’s a good comparison based on the calculation provided by Sony’s official Andrew House while talking with The Sun.

PS4 was announced at a mega event on February 20 by Sony with a  number of major gaming players and developers attending the event.

PS4 is said to be a marvel of hardware and software as one of GameStop, a leading gaming retail network, quoted as saying. The other rumours reveal the release of the console from a period of October, holiday season, to December in different parts of the world.

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  1. IamTheBoss says:

    How much price Ps 4 in 2015-16 ?

  2. WhosTheBoss says:

    Yea thats for the entry level bundle. The high end PS4 bundle will go for about 360GBP which is roughly UD$550.

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