Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S3 success factors: What Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 5S needed?


Bigger screen, unique features, trend-setting accessories and compatibility with users behavior could be said the the success factors of Samsung’s Galaxy series smartphones including Galaxy S3, Galaxy S2 and Galaxy S1 and the word of mouth regarding Galaxy S4 is telling us about another hit device.

If we consider the four factors mentioned above as key factors in success of Galaxy S smartphone series, then Apple look a bit limping to work on them.

If US tech giant really want to get back on the track of right path, it need to consider inducting them into upcoming iPhone 5S and iPhone 6.

Bigger Screen

Smartphone users have become accustomed of using big screen on their devices. Obviously the trend was introduced by Android-based smartphones from Samsung, HTC, Hawaii and others and now it has become universal.

Every other tech forum is filled with comment from users demanding of Apple to increase the display size instead of sticking to 4 inch screen of present generation of iPhones.

At least 4.8 inch display could be a nice solution to appease the worrying fans of Apple who desperately want their favourite tech company to bring advancement to its flagship device.

Unique Features

Another major success factor of Galaxy S series smartphone is its unique blending of hardware and software features. Whether its an app like S Health, or a feature like AirView; the features of Galaxy S smartphones are awesome and easy to use.

Contrary, iPhone has been an evolutionary smartphone both in terms of uniqueness and novelty. Users know what they will get in next edition of the device. This reality, except features like Siri, is dreadful for iPhone lovers. They can’t remain content with the ‘evolutionary’ model any more. So its another area Apple need to revamp in upcoming devices.

Trend Setting Accessory

From S Band to wireless charging kit, from GamePad to  unique covers, accessories have played a vital role in attracting tech savvies towards Galaxy S3 and now Galaxy S4.

There are some great accessories from Apple in last few years, but they are not enough to attract audiences. Even Nokia has introduced wireless charging kit with new range of Lumia including Lumia 920, Lumia 820 and others. So Apple need to  gear up for an array of unique accessories to compete with other smartphones.

Compatibility with Users Behavior

Being a firm having large reserves, glorious technology past and tradition of launching new products, its natural that Apple is Proud of itself.

But it seems that in glory of fame and success, the Cupertino firm has lost its compatibility somehow with changing behavior of users. The new generation of tech users demand a much more participation and involvement than past.

Companies like Samsung could be seen as a successful model of getting compatible with changing user behavior as well as their demands. So Apple need to get some humble and need to get compatible with user behavior for a long lasting alignment.

Though these factors are not explained at length, but they could give a clear picture of why Samsung’s Galaxy S series smartphones are going up and up and why Apple’s leadership in tech gadgets getting down and down.