iPhone 5s or iPhone 6 Launch: Challenges and Competition


iPhone 5s or iPhone 6 Launch: Challenges and CompetitionCUPERTINO, California: Apple is almost ready to launch its new Smartphone iPhone 5s or maybe iPhone6 but the U.S. giant is facing the challenges like never before.

South-Korean Samsung’s Galaxy S4 is ready to capture the market share with its new features and price difference.

The Galaxy S4 support a 5-inch screen, compared to the iPhone 5’s 4-inch screen, and offers functions including ‘Smart Scroll,’ which enables users to scroll without touching the screen. It tracks the users’ face to tell where they are looking.

Macquarie, for example, is forecasting Galaxy S4 sales to average 20 million per quarter in 2013. Another report from the Hong Kong-based market researcher Counterpoint Research reveals that Samsung has sold an estimated 25 million smartphones each month this year, which is expected to drive its quarterly sales to over 70 million units.

It’s almost confirmed now that as a company, Samsung is not holding back any punches, and in the S4 their aggression is directed at Apple.

“You can argue the S3 has already done some damage to Apple, it was a very successful device, and the S4 is probably going to follow in its steps,” said Van L. Baker, research vice president, mobility at Gartner.

Finland’s Nokia and U.S. Microsoft’s joint venture Lumia 920 is also there and as per the Data, less claim from the manufacturer, it seems successive in attracting the Smartphone users.

Since the launch of the dynamic new phone from the recently rebranded BlackBerry, the Z10 has been fraught with supply issues and, more than that, the unveiling of newer offerings from rivals, including the HTC One, the Sony Xperia Z and the Samsung Galaxy S4.

It might come as no surprise, then, that the device that showed a lot of promise during its not-so-distant launch, seems to be now headed downhill – including its price. So we can assume that BlackBerry has been out of the race and now it’s no more threat for iPhone 5s or iPhone 6.

Although with the iPhone 5, Apple consolidated their position as the leading smartphone designer of 2012. While many thought that the handset was lacking in innovation, it captured enough mind share and sales to be regarded as the best single handset of the year.

While Apple’s product cycles are becoming a little bit unpredictable, the expected iPhone 5S update isn’t expected until the end of Q3 this year.

In all this situation the question is how iPhone 5S or iPhone 6 can maintain its “innovative and Lifestyle” product’s position in the market? Will Apple be able to retain its market share in competition with Samsung’s Galaxy S4 and Nokia’s Lumia 920?


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  2. HTC One nor Xperia Z, didnt bring any real new stuff, mere very interesting upgrades, that’s how i see it. Samsung s4 will bring new stuff but its samsung: not an exiting build quility or design, not an exiting brand, not an exiting OS. So all Apple has to do is keep to its core value, bringing the WHY people buy: to change the world-to innovate-to be one of a kind.