Sony PS4 beats Galaxy S4, iPhone 5, other smartphones and gadgets in demand


Sony’s upcoming gaming console or in other words the ‘Future of Gaming’ has made gadget lovers to fall in love with it.

A recent research by a leading gadgets retail chain has quoted that over 900 thousands of its users have signed up to receive information about PS4.

GameStop, a leading retain chain, says one of its internal consumer research survey shows a strong interest of consumers in the Sony’s most anticipated gaming console.

The items which were beaten by PS4 include smartphones, portable gaming devices, tablets, laptops, smart TVs and so many other things.

“Based on the survey of loyal customers of GameStop, 34% of them expect to get a PlayStation 4 in the next twelve month. Moreover, nearly 900 thousand of GameStop clients signed up to receive information about the PS4,” says the survey report.

So much demand has led the bosses of GameStop to reach the conclusion that Sony is unlikely to meet the expected demand from the game lovers in the first stage.

Tony Bartel, GameStop president went on saying “Although we have been given no official numbers by Sony, we do believe that demand will far outpace the supply of this product during the launch window.”

Another research firm has estimated that Sony is likely to ship over 2.5 million consoles in 2013 allover the world.


  1. Not an accurate comparison. Comparing gaming gadgets with non-gaming gadgets should not be based on the customers of a gaming company (GameStop). It’s expected that GameStop’s customers are interested in games more than smartphones or digital cameras. If they included a wider spectrum I’m sure smartphones will beat the PS4 (and any other console for that matter).

    • My Tv is more than 3 years old my desktop is more than 4 years old and my laptop is brand new. I expect that within the next 12 months I am likely to build a new desktop.

      Just because someone has something doesn’t mean they will never buy it again…. Oh and my phone is also coming up for a renewal in the next few months so in the next 12 months i will probably get a new one of them…

      So in the next 12 months I fully expect to buy a new desktop a ps4 and a new smartphone. Probably not a new TV though as mine is still good enough for me. 22″ is plenty.

        • lol… Janshair, many of these people probably also already own either a PS3, XBox 360 or an older console as well just like they might already own a cell phone or tv. So your whole argument about “people who already own smartphones, tv’s etc will never go for them again” is not very logical nor valid because it’s not like these people don’t already own a gaming console right now.

          Now if you want to find any potential fault with this survey it might be that the people surveyed here are only Gamestop customers, who are clearly gamers. So it’s not exactly a very accurate survey of the general population. Not to mention they didn’t mention the sample size being surveyed.

          But either way, I believe the PS4 will be very successful this generation when compared to the PS3. Seems like Sony’s really stepped it up and have made some solid improvements based on past mistakes. I definitely won’t be surprised if there was a shortage of supply vs demand as this was the case for the PS1, PS2. And even the PS3 was quite hard to find in it’s first couple of months of release even with it’s slow start.