Apple’s future iOS devices including iPhone 6 and iPad 5 to come with improved AutoFocus cameras

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Imagine you are trying to take the photo of your lovely baby from your smartphone or tablet, but due to his or her nonstop movement you seem helpless taking a clear and bright photo.

This is a sort of daily scene we could see around us when we try to snap something or someone but in the end its all just a blurred picture.

The problem is not the movement of the kid, as they are created with full of energy to do this, but the incapability of your smartphone or tablet to autofocus (AF) the scene.

Keeping in view of this problem, Apple, as usual, has come up with a smart solution. The Dynamic Autofocus Operations for the handheld devices to make cameras smart enough to take even moving object or to take quick photo with a clear view.

According to PatentlyApple, the new technology generally relates to the field of digital camera processing. So it could be used not only with upcoming iPhone 5S and the flagship iPhone 6 but also with iPad 5, iPad Mini 2 and next generation iDevices.

“The (Apple’s) invention specifically pertains to systems, methods, and computer readable media for dynamically adjusting an image capture device’s autofocus (AF) operation based, at least in part, on the device’s orientation,” the PatentlyApple further said.

The techniques used in the method will increase speed or/and resolution of autofocus operation of iPhone, iPad and other devices.

This will also use orientation information in such a manner that results in reducing number of lens positions and thus improving the speed of the AF operations. So get ready for another exciting feature in upcoming iOS devices, particularly for the camera buffs.

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