Sony PS4 release date likely in October, first appearance in June

Sony PlayStation is out there, but only virtually. We do not have the glimpse of the console, named as ‘Future of Gaming’, till now.

Now we have got some news about the first view of the PS4 at E 3 in June. Earlier it was rumoured that console would be released in October or ‘holiday season’ in United States.

So the rumour regarding the first glimpse of the console at E3 makes sense. The first display of the console would be made in June and the console would be launched in October.

The console is facing a big challenge from Microsoft Xbox 360, and now next generation Xbox 720, gaming console, which has been dominating the gaming market right now.

To compete with US rival, Japanese tech giant has announced some major developments to make PS4, an ultimate gaming experience.

The developments include setting up a ‘Gaming Network’ instead of selling device approach, Live Streaming through a special button, Dynamic Gaming Experience to attract the 3D gaming generation, utilizing smartphone devices via PS4 app for iOS and Android devices and many other things.

The console is expected to be priced somewhere around $ 400 to 500, with the prices of games to range from $0.99 for ordinary games to $60 for blockbuster games.

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