Post Galaxy S4 era: Apple iPhone 6 may have live 3D video calls and multi-device information sharing tech


In the post Galaxy S4 era, Apple is doing its best to keep its leadership in smartphones and tablets with inventions which could amaze anyone.

What about a 3D video conferencing iPhone 6 which could even tell you details about an object you auto focus through the camera?

If it seems interesting to you then you should be happy to know that Apple has invented a method that could make 3D video calls and 3D video conferencing.

The technology elaborated as Synchronized, Interactive Augmented Reality (AR) Displays for iDevices is basically a linking technology to rope together number of devices for live videos calls and information sharing.

“The granted patent is about a device that can receive live video of a real-world, physical environment on a touch sensitive surface. One or more objects can be identified in the live video,” the PatentlyApple reported.

This technology invented for iPads and iPhones is likely to be an important part of the future Apple devices including iPhone 6 and next generation iPad.

The technology has a diverse range of usage including Object Identifying (specs and features), Distance Learning, Medical Application with the help of Patient Recognition, Vehicle Application and the most important Video information sharing.

The technology will also enable all spheres of management, sales and HR to share LIVE information with production department, manufacturing process, sales, marketing and outdoor workers.

The sharing of the video, information layer about any specific object, and computer generated imagery will be made through a Share Button. Unless both parties are not agreed, the button will not reveal the location of the device for the security purposes.

After the supposed usage of Sharp’s next Generation display, which could allow a user to write even with a normal pencil or  pen, this amazing technology could further boost hopes of Apple’s cult fans regarding its flagship device, iPhone 6, expected to be released in third quarter of 2013.