MS Abbasi Shaheed Hospital Dr Asad Usman, guard shot dead in Karachi


Karachi: Just a day after the killing a government college’s principle Sibte-Jafar Zaidi, unidentified gunmen shot dead the Medical Superintendent (MS) of Abbasi Shaheed Hospital, Dr Asad Usman and his guard here in Karachi on Tuesday.

Police said that the incident took place in Nazimabad No 7 area of the city. They added that the assailants riding motorcycles opened indiscriminate firing on his car.

Dr Usman had hired gunmen after receiving threats.

Police say the investigations into the incident were being carried out.


  1. Dr. Asad Usman was a very nice person.he meet his patient not as a Dr.but as a family member.i m trying to meet him in this month for monthly checkup of my mother but it is not in our favour. May Allah rest his soul in peace and place him in Jannat Aameen.

  2. Dr. Asad Usman was my uncle and was a very honest, kind and loving person who always treated his patients as first priority, when I was in Karachi on my brief stay he was used to go on emergency calls even late at night. At what level humanity has come to in Karachi/Pakistan. My heart cries tears of blood. Mamu Allah app ko Janat ma jaga ata farmaye aur app ki rooh ko sakoon farmaye. Ameen.

  3. What a shame? Some one is killing nice people belonging to Shia and Sunni sects perhaps on account of their names.