Top Android apps for Samsung Galaxy S4 with built in apps review


As you would already be waiting for official release of Samsung Galaxy S4 after it has been announced a day before, it would be interesting to pinpoint some apps that would be handy with  the device.

These Android apps have already made their impact and together with Galaxy S4 built in apps they could make your ‘life companion’ more sexy.

Galaxy S4 built in apps

We have already mentioned that Galaxy S4 would come with these following exciting apps :

KNOX: This app is basically related to enterprise solutions and targets BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) strategy of the large organizations. This will keep your professional data separate from your personal besides giving it a super layer of protection.

PS4 app: Without naming any specific device Sony had noted just after the launch of Play Station 4 that it would also launch an app to support iDevices like iPhones, iPads and Android devices. So Galaxy S4 must be the top contender to get the app.

payView: Together with Visa, Samsung has developed an app that would let user to make mobile transactions. The app will be pre-loaded on the Galaxy S4 device so you can have the facility to make mobile transactions wherever you want.

S Health 2.0: This is your  mini doctor. With the help of supporting accessories like Body Scale, HRM and others it would let you know your weight, blood pressure, running record and many more things.

Android Apps for Galaxy S4

We have listed these apps that could accompany your device in getting things done smoothly.


Shockingly accurate in writing, this key board is considered to be the number one key board on Android devices. The most selling app in over 38 countries, SwiftKey can write in three languages simultaneously.


If you are interested in reading on web but usually don’t have time whenever find an interesting article or book, this app makes a memory of that article and book.


Wishing to be more organized in 2013?

This app is just the right thing for a more organized life. EverNote is easy to use app for making notes, snapping photos, creating things to do and recording voice  reminders.


ForeSquare is one of the most compatible part of your life companion, the Galaxy S4. A choice of over 30 million people worldwide, ForeSquare is very handy in locating great places and in getting tips and deals all the way.

So what other apps you would like for your Galaxy S4? Let us know in the comment box.