Internet down in Pakistan after submarine cable damage


Karachi: Almost 10 to 20 percent internet and other communication services in Pakistan have been affected since last Friday after a submarine optic-fibre communications’ cable was damaged.

According to Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) sources, the undersea cable was damaged 175km away from Jeddah city of Saudi Arabia on March 1. The services were also affected in India as well.

The sources further said that technical team of the world consortium for the submarine Internet cable located the exact location of the fault successfully. Repair of the damaged cable was in progress.

Meanwhile Internet and other communication services in the country were shifted to SMEW3 and SMEW4, said the sources.


  1. Thats so sad nuqsan to zyada un ka ho raha hy jo net ky through business karty hain warna kuty PTCL waly to Bill pher b lay rahy hain