Hamid Mir’s father, Waris Mir, nominated for Bangladesh’s civilian award



Dhaka: The Bangladeshi government has nominated late Professor Waris Mir, father of Geo News anchor Hamid Mir, for the highest civilian award of the country.

According to TV reports, Waris Mir was nominated for his outspoken criticism against the 1971 operation by Pakistan Army in the then East Pakistan, which lead to the split of Pakistan and formation of Bangladesh.

Waris Mir was nominated by the Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina Wajid, daughter of Sheikh Mujibur Rehman, who was the founder of Bangladesh.


  1. Hamid mir is a traitor and a lier. People if want to know the truth should read ” listrning to grasshoppers ” by arudanth roy. If they want to know unbiased truth. And f.y.i bangladeshis can go an f**k themselves and mujib ur rehman in their a**. All of his family deserved the execution by their own people. Wasnt that a genocide you hypocrites.

  2. what is done is done…..pak army did the right thing by killing these bastards muktibahini guys who were supported by indians…
    wrongs were commited by both sides but no way can we condemn our army..these jawans guard our motherland and in our quest to be rational we shouldn’t let them down.
    Pak army Zindabad
    Pakistan Pa indabad…

  3. Dear Pakistani Brothers, Please do some research on the history of Pakistan and of 1971, please read from some authentic sources, then you will find what mistakes Pakistan did in 191. You can see the communal harmony that prevailing in Bangladesh now which is very much absent in many parts of Pakistan. Muslims are killing Muslims On the other hand, Bangladeshi people don’t support extremist, we had also extremist problem during 2004-2008, but govt with help of people, are almost successful to get rid of this problem. We have only extremist group now, i.e. is Shibir, they are creating violence, the recent violence is completely by this extremist group, hope this will be solved very soon.
    Shaikh Mujid won the election in 1970 but the then west Pakistan declined to give him power, why? Because he was Bangalee. Do you think it was fair? If not what was the option of Bangladesh. And some people spoke for the fair and justice. You should not tell them traitor, rather these are the real people who can make difference. There are always a lot of people to say favorable things to govt, very few people can criticize, and they can really contribute for the betterment. Please don’t take it otherwise.

  4. Criticism of  policies is not treason. After all the policies being pursued at the time led to creation of Bangladesh and not to mention surrender to indian army by the brave / momin soldiers.

  5. Ya tu han hi saysi jamat k phetoo ya mulk k ghadar hn. Log ab sb smajh chucky hn. Hamid k raghoun ma blood dekho ks ghadar ka ha. Toba Sham Sham Sham………………

  6. Pakistan Army should learn some lessons now….. Army must stop Genocide of Muslims of Balochistan and Muslims of Waziristan… It is enough now…. They have killed hundreds of thousands of Bengali Muslims already….Why Pakistan Army is always thirsty for Muslims Blood…. If they are so brave then they should fight with Mighty USA and Israel and India….. They can only kill weak and poor Baloch, Pashtun and Bengali Muslims

  7. Hamid Mir should recieve this Award…… History proved that Waris Mir was right and Pakistan Army was wrong….. If Army acted upon the advice of Waris Mir and if Pakistan Army did not killed millions of Muslims of East Pakistan…..Then we would have a United Pakistan today…. Salam to Waris Mir and Salam to Hamid Mir…

    • So wordpress will now be taken a authentic? Are you kidding me? YOUR NATIONAL ASSEMBLY on record said that Bangali’s need to go to the bushes and don’t need toliet seats when high quality of sanity ware was distributed among the west Pakistan politicians … Have you any idea what you did in East Pakistan? Are you blind of what is happening in Baluchistan and Karachi? How blind are you? I don’t give a damn about Hamid Mir nor his father.. But to see Pakistani’s so aloof from realities boils my blood. Get some REAL education please. And yes i am a Pakistani.

      • sir i would urge you to go through the book written by Sarmila Bose and another book ‘waste of times’ forggetting authors name….by the way both r from bangladesh

    • Go get some education. You represent today’s Pakistan… uneducated religious fools who have no understanding of realities, history, past or present. Day dreaming of conquering the world on the basis of your piousness … May Allah have some mercy on you.

    • and those Muslims were killed by Muslims … 3 Million of bengalis killed by East Pakistani forces and Jamat-e-Islami squads … Please read history and then develop your opinion. West Pakistan is globally agreed responsible source of an organized genocide. What we you talking about …