Taliban threaten to kill Pakistani lawyer pursuing Sarabjit Singh’s case

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Lahore: An activist of Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan has threatened to kill the lawyer of Sarabjit Singh, who is on death row in a Pakistani prison, here on Friday.

Sarabjit was convicted for alleged involvement in a string of bomb attacks that killed 14 people in 1990. His family has said that he was a victim of mistaken identity.

Awais Shiekh, the lawyer of the Indian spy,  said that he had received a death threat from the Taliban for pursuing the case of the Indian national. Banned Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan had warned my wife to stop me from pursuing the case of Sarabjit, he added.

He said that the letter read: “I belong to Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan and I am a resident of Faisalabad district (150 km from Lahore). I want to tell you that your husband is representing the case of Sarabjit Singh, who is responsible of killing my whole family in a bomb blast.

“Your husband is addressing a press conference about Sarabjit Singh. If this is held, it would be the last day of your husband and every single member of your family will be killed. You will find dead bodies of your children by tomorrow morning.

“I know your children. I will kidnap them and will send their dead bodies to you. If you want your children to live, refrain from doing this.”

Shiekh claimed he was barred from holding a planned news conference at the Lahore Press Club to launch his book on Sarabjit.

“My son also received a threatening call from an anonymous person. I will lodge a complaint with police and seek security,” Sheikh said.

He said that when he reached the Press Club, he was informed by its administration that the news conference could not be held as there was a “security threat”.

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