Apple iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Mini and iPhone 6 XL conceptualized



How would iPhone 6 and cheap iPhone look like?

Its the question and the answers are numerous.

One of such answer is given by a Toronto-based concept designer Peter Zigich. He envisages that Apple could move towards a large screen iPhone 6, may be about 4.8 inch, similarly to Samsung’s Galaxy S3 device.

Zigich also envisages that Apple could move home button to side giving an extra space of iPhone 6 screen.

In his blog over conceptualizing Apple’s products including iPhone 6, iPhone 6 XL and iPhone Mini, Zigich has focused on three things:

Improved design for iPhone 6 than iPhone 5

Cheaper iPhone Design

iPhone Large Design.

According to him, Apple is likely to come up with a 4 inch iPhone Mini that could cost from $350 to $450 for developing markets and for competing cheap Android devices.

Zigich thinks Apple iPhone 6 XL could be introduced with a cost around $750 to $900, really an expensive thing for most of gadget lovers.

But the final thing, of course, could be told by Apple who is master in keeping its details secret.