Cure of hangover or a jackpot?


rare pearl inside oysterLondon: A 34-year-old man, James Humphries, bought an oyster to cure his hangover but got extremely astonished when he found a rare pearl inside.

Experts said the find was extremely rare and it beat odds of a million-to-one as natural pearls were normally found in pearl oysters – not pacific oysters that James had bought.

James said he ate a couple of oysters every Saturday morning as “they were perfect cure for hangover: refreshing, tasty, and much better than a can of Red Bull”.

pearl inside oysterHe said he was eating a couple when he noticed a lump of something in his mouth. At first he thought a filling had fallen out. But when he spat it out he discovered it was a small but perfectly formed pearl.

James bought the oyster from E Rawle & Co fishmongers in Newquay, ran by Gareth Horner. It was founded by Gareth’s grandfather in 1936.

The fishmonger said that his family business had never seen a pearl in a pacific oyster in 80 years of trading.