Better parenting tied to social responsibility, economic prosperity


Better parenting tied to social responsibility, economic prosperity

Islamabad: A school chain held a well-attended parenting seminar to prepare parents to deal with their children in a way that ensures their success in future which was seen imperative to achieve goal of national development and economic prosperity.

Parenting, one of the most important jobs of one’s life, is a topic that is not appreciated or frequently discussed that is why the administration of Pak-Turk International Schools and Colleges decided to hold a series of seminars to provide necessary training to parents to help build long-lasting character into hearts of their children.

Hundreds of parents of preschool, elementary-age and teenagers wishing success for their children by acquiring successful parenting skills to shape children’s behaviour attended the seminar to know how to develop cooperation and responsibility among their kids.

Speaking at the occasion, the trainers said that it is not always easy for parents to communicate with their children in today’s fast-paced culture but it is important as proper parenting shapes the coming generations, and the way they will behave affecting the world around them.

Engaging children in difficult issue which can be daunting but it cannot be ignored as is it not only tied to family’s success and future of children but to the social responsibility and prosperity of the country, they said.

The trainers said that Pakistani students are highly gifted and they deserve best possible support in the practical life for which every possible effort should be undertaken including latest teaching and learning strategies, confidence, praise, responsibility and self-trust.

Many children fail to achieve desired results not because of standard of schooling or poverty but due to lack the necessary parental skills among parents to support their children, they said.

They called upon the parents to do their best to inculcate importance of values among their children without which success will remain incomplete. Everything we mentioned would hold absolutely no water and crumble to failure if it is not being done with consistency which is the backbone to discipline, the trainers underlined.

During the question-and-answer session, parents appreciated helpful suggestions and raised many points. Some parents requested regular counselling session which was accepted by Pak-Turk administration.

Later prizes were distributed among those who demonstrated positive attributes of effective parenting.