‘Austrian ambassador in Pakistan converts to Islam, ties knot with PTV anchor Sadia Afzaal’

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Islamabad: Austrian Ambassador in Pakistan Axel Wech has converted to Islam and tied knot to Sadia Afzaal, famous anchor of Pakistan’s state television programme ‘News Night’, a Facebook page said on Thursday.

Pakistan Media Watch citing sources said that the Austrian Ambassador has tied the knot with Sadia Afzaal and his decision to convert to Islam came just before their marriage.

The sources said that the couple was hiding details regarding their ‘Nikkah’ ceremony and the conversion.

Sadia Afzaal is based in Islamabad. She has worked as a reporter as well she has covered Foreign Office, Parliament and done a number of interviews with the heads of state including President Asif Ali Zardari, President Pervez Musharraf, PM Yousaf Raza Gillani, PM Shaukat Aziz.

She has been doing outdoor coverage too. She was the first female anchor to cover Swat operation with ISPR. She also covered incidents like Earthquake 2005, Floods 2010 and President Obama election 2008 with collaboration of Voice of America.

It is the second marriage of Sadia Afzaal as she was earlier known as Sadia Zafar. He also had a son from her first husband.

Meanwhile, according to The News Tribe correspondent from Islamabad, the Austrian embassy in the capital has not officially denied the report.

It is to be mentioned here that certain sectors of the society believe that the foreigners tie knot with the locals in order to easily move across the country and gather sensitive information.


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31 Responses to " ‘Austrian ambassador in Pakistan converts to Islam, ties knot with PTV anchor Sadia Afzaal’ "

  1. Aditya says:

    He is a fucking racist

  2. The bright side is that he converted to Islam.

  3. Absoultvodka555 says:

    What the hell is she thinking exposing her bra????? I hope this austrian guy is not optically challanged??

  4. Allah Ditta says:

    Sadia ‘s marriage is her personal matter, no issue nor bad, she can do what she want in ethical boundary.

    • lnfidel says:

      No she can’t. If she were to convert to Christianity, Judaism or Hinduism, in order to marry a foreigner, then she would be killed by Muslims because Islam forbids conversion to other faiths. Islam is an evil, intolerant ideology masquerading as a religion and a prison for women.

      • Issam says:

        You are a stupid and intolerant Christian retard. Islam protects freedom of religion to all. You are an ignorant bigot. 

        • lnfidel says:

          Mohammed, you are a complete moron. Islam does not protect freedom of religion, it merely tolerates other religions on condition that they accept Islamic supremacy and pay jizya, the humiliating dhimmi poll tax. According to the Quran, the only other options for people of other faiths, are either to convert to Islam or die. You are either an addlepated idiot that doesn’t understand his own religion, or a vile taqiyya-spouting clown. Either way, you don’t fool me. I am acquainted with both the Quran, Hadith and Sira, which all confirm the totalitarian, intolerant, violent nature of Islam and its aggressive ambitions. There is going to be a fight to the death between the Free World and Islam once the Ikhwan has resurrected the Caliphate. The consequences will be horrific but that is a war you will never win.

          • Issam says:

            My name is not Mohammed, idiot. Only aggressive people pay jizya in compensation for the harm that they cause to the Muslim community. And “Islamic supremacy” is an oxymoron because in Islam all people are equal. There are no “chosen people” in Islam like in your supremacist and racist religion. And there is no “taqiyya” in the Quran. That’s a Shia concept that they used to protect themselves when they were under persecution. You are acquainted with nothing because you are a stupid ignorant who only reads what discredited crazies like Spencer write. The fight will be between the Free World and your totalitarian, intolerant, and violent religion which stole the land of the Canaanites and made the Jews a “chosen people” and gave the land of the Canaanites to them, and that is a war that you will never win because evil always loses at the end. 

          • lnfidel says:

            Hey Mohammed, you are a lying turd. Everything I wrote is true. Do you want me to quote the surahs to back up my assertions of Islam being a totalitarian, supremacist and racist ideology? maybe you should go back to your mosque for some more brainwashing and compulsive @sslifting, then take that silly-looking towel off your head, use it to take a bath, and go blow yourself up.

          • Issam says:

            Quoting verses out of context will not help you out. On the other hand I can quote several passages from the corrupted Bible that command genocide, racism and supremacism. Prostrating to the Creator is the most honourable thing. You can call it whatever you want by showing that you are a sexually repressed moron. A Christian accusing others of beig brainwashed? Now I have heard it all. In the meantime go to church to be molested by one of your sexually repressed pastors. 

          • lnfidel says:

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          • farhan says:

            according to your bible lot had sex with his daughters..is that okay???………….marries Rebecca when she is 3 years old and he is 37 is that okay????…first go read your bible and then comment !!

          • lnfidel says:

            The religion of peace bringing love and tolerance to the world, one dead infidel at a time.







            You quranimals are having a field day with your persecution of Christians, Hindus, Jews and Buddhists, because of West’s current weak leadership, but I promise you, this will not last forever. There is going to be hell to pay! Barack Hussein, Davie Cameron, members of India’s United Progressive Alliance and other Jelly-spined politicans, have had their chance to reign in Islamofascism and failed miserably. Violent confrontation is the only option left, and as so many times before through history, our civilization will produce the leaders worthy the challenge, who will pick up the gauntlet thrown down by our oldest enemy, Islam, and snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. In 2050 there will be no more Islam. You don’t stand a chance!

        • Aditya says:

           Well said, bro!
          He is angry like a mad dog, because most christians are leaving their fucking cult and join other religions.

      • Sam says:

        the way you are speaking we can definately see who is tolerant

        • lnfidel says:

          Sam/Ahmed, you are asking me to tolerate an ideology of hate. Tolerance of intolerance is the height of stupidity, and unlike many ethno-masochistic, Occidentophobic Western liberals, I don’t practice that kind of folly.

          • Issam says:

            And we do not tolerate intolerant scumbags like you who follow a supremacist, colonialist and racist ideology. 

          • Aditya says:

             You are asking for trounle? Aren’t you, fucking racist.
            Don’t forget about your own religion.
            U simply need to travel a little further baxk in time to a period known as “The Inquisition” to see christians killing non-christians .

          • lnfidel says:

            For the last time, you quranically brainwashed moron, ISLAM IS NOT A RACE!!! I don’t hate Muslims – they are as much victims of the quranic plague as all we non.Muslims – but I do vehemntly despise your filthy pedophile prophet Muhammed and the diabolical cult he unleashed upon mankind. I hate N@zism and communism with the same venom, does that make me a waaacist too?  What “trounle” are you  implying that I am asking for – is that a threat because I chose to exercise my freedom of speech? I can really sense how you are itching to blow yourself up in order to silence any criticism of the death cult you confess too. A true follower of Mohammed lol

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