Samsung Galaxy S4 price to range from $199 to $500+


Galaxy S4, the upcoming super smartphone from Korean tech giant Samsung, is ruling allover the tech forums and sites.

With so many speculations and rumours surrounding the phone, its a hard task to dig out anything logical and most probable thing.

In this post we have calculated likely price of Galaxy S4, keeping in view of pricing strategy of smartphones and Samsung’s own Galaxy S series phones.

Elite Smartphones Starting Price

As it could be noted by any of smartphone lover that all elite smartphones like HTC One, iPhone series and Sony’s Xperia series have starting price of $199 or above.

For last many years Apple has been introducing its products with the same pricing strategy: A 16 GB iPhone device with $199, 32GB iPhone with $299 and 64 GB iPhone with $399.

Similarly HTC One, according to GottaBeMobile, is likely to introduce its HTC One flagship smartphone at $199 for a 16 GB device.

Galaxy S Series smartphone Starting Price

Samsung’s Galaxy S3 was introduced with the same strategy. A 16 GB Galaxy S3 device with contract was priced $199. Galaxy S3 32 GB device was introduced at $299, comparatively cheaper than iPhone 5’s 32GB device.

Galaxy S4 Price Range

So keeping in view of general trend and Samsung’s own strategy, we could say that Galaxy S4, the most anticipated Android phone of 2013, will be available with starting price of $199 for 16 GB device and so on.

However, as usual if you want to buy an unlocked Galaxy S4, it could cost over $500, seems a bit expensive from users perspective.

Galaxy S4 Release Date

As far as its release date is concerned, Galaxy S4 is most probably expected to be announced in mid of March. For users to purchase, it would be available from early April in Eastern Europe and later on in rest of the Europe, Asia, America, Africa and Australia.


  1. Sumsung is too bad product cos i used my Galaxy 3III once then dead touch screen.
    I need to change its Screen Touch is 200$ and waiting that accessory will come are 2 and half months.
    Too bad Too Bad for Sumsung Product, so how will you compete with other products?
    Never use again this product