Darkness therapy may restore vision: study


darkness therapy for vision disorderMontreal: According to a recent study, ‘darkness therapy’ could help patients with the visual disorder, amblyopia, to restore their vision.

Kevin Duffy and Donald Mitchell, the researchers of Dalhousie University in Canada, said that restoring vision might sometimes be as simple as turning out the lights.

They said that exposure to darkness causes some parts of the visual system to revert to an early stage in development.

Nearly four per cent of the general population were affected by Amblyopia. It was thought to develop when the two eyes do not see equally well in early life. That imbalance of vision can lead to permanent vision loss.

The researchers during the study, which was reported in Current Biology, a Cell Press publication, examined cats with a visual impairment before and after they spent 10 days in complete darkness.

Duffy said that immersion in total darkness seemed to reset the visual brain to enable remarkable recovery.