Samsung Galaxy S4 may have AirView feature without S Pen Stylus


One after another feature is rumoured to be part of Samsung’s forthcoming super smartphone, Galaxy S4.

Besides many surprises right from Display to super camera functioning, there is a new information saying Galaxy S4 could come up with AirView feature ensuring screen protection as well as reducing need of the S Pen Stylus and its Holder Kit.

Or in simple words, much hyped Android, most probably, phone will use AirView function without S Pen.

Earlier, there are many reports, and some of them from very reliable sources, quoted that Samsung could introduce S Pen Stylus with Galaxy S4. But if the rumour about AirView is right, then there is no need to introduce S Pen with the smartphone.

AirView feature lets a user to use the smartphone by floating his finger above the screen and there is no need to touch it.

According to Product Review “The idea of being able to float your finger above the screen of a smartphone is nothing new because the Sony Xperia Sola used something similar. However, Samsung could come along and make it a more widely used feature.”

As usual to maintain its uniqueness, Samsung is likely to make Airview feature a more user friendly and better to use feature like introducing Multitouch.

Samsung Galaxy Note II is already using S Pen Stylus making it really friendly especially for those who have to write a bit on their devices.

We have to wait for Samsung to confirm the introduction of either AirView feature or S Pen Stylus with Galaxy S4, which is likely to be announced in March.