‘CIA drone attacks clear violation of sovereignty, international law’


Washington: Pakistan’s Ambassador to United States Sherry Rehman has said that the CIA drone strikes in Pakistan are “a clear violation of our sovereignty and a violation of international law” that threaten stable relations between the two governments.

Persistent reports that Pakistan has tacitly approved the strikes while publicly denouncing them are untrue, Washington Post quoted the ambassador as saying.

 “Let me assure you that since we have been in government, there has been no quiet complicity, no question of wink and nod,” she said, referring to the hundreds of drone attacks on militant targets, most of them under the Obama administration.

The United States and Afghanistan have accused Pakistan for allowing Pakistan-based Afghan militants to freely cross the border to attack their forces. But Pakistan has its own complaints.

Rehman said many of the militants who attack Pakistani government targets are hiding in eastern Afghanistan, in part because US and international forces are not present in large numbers.

“The border is becoming increasingly volatile,” Rehman said.


  1. Nothing new in sherry’s statement -all it does is fills in a few newspaper columns.US and Afghanistan have rightly stated that the terrorists are Pakistani based – where was Osama found – proof -if proof was ever needed. Lets put it this way you can huff and puff till you bring the house down – but US will stop the drones whenever it is satisfied of the security situation in the region.US is well aware of the security situation , inside and outside of pakistan !

    • These are afghani terrorists doing what comes naturally to them.. killing innocent people on this side of the border, any place they can find targets. Pakistan should push them back to afghanistan so that Afgahnistan and thier US buddies can deal with them.