Local music industry has lot of room: Alag the Band

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The News Tribe (TNT): Tell about band and its members. What made you guys keep this name?

Alag: And we are Alag from every one coz of our work, music and band style. We are four members: Me, Muddassir Wadood Doing Rap, Pop rock, Waqar Ehsin Doing Classical Pop Nabeel DJ Trance and Dance Shaan Khan on Pashto Music.

TNT: Tell something about your music genre.

Alag: We do all kind of music like Pop, Rock, Classical, Hiphop, Rap and Trance. That is why we are ALAG.

TNT: There are so many bands, what acts as your niche and where you guys see yourself after five years?

Alag: We don’t challenge any one and there is no competition for us. We just work hard.

TNT: Compare local music industry with international music industry. 

Alag: Local music industry is much good because they are producing different stuff. So there is a lot of room for people.

TNT: Share a few lines about kind of platforms provided to young musicians in Pakistan.

Alag: They need good music studios and good production house for their videos but they can’t find good ones because they don’t have that much money to pay. If music studios help them they can produce very good musical stuff with new ideas.

TNT: What is your inspiration?

Alag: Anything can be our inspiration. Birds, train and air even inspire us since they all produce music.

TNT: Tell something about this latest song of yours.

Alag: Our latest song is NO Borders that we did with Fortitude band. We wanted to do something new in the industry.

TNT: Who writes lyrics for you and what’s the importance of good lyrics?

Alag: We write lyrics ourselves. The importance of good lyrics is your feelings, your memories and nature. For sad lyrics you should have pain in your heart, or you have to be a nakam ashiq. lol

TNT: Do you wish to perform with anyone? If yes, with whom?

Alag: Yes. We always wish to perform with new talent who is doing good stuff and something new.

TNT: Tell about your upcoming projects.

Alag: We have three upcoming projects. Parchaai By Muddassir Wadood 2: Mahi Way by Waqar Ehsin, Muddassir Wadood and Nabeel Khalid 3: Janaan by Shaan Khan. Jamaan is already out.

TNT: Lastly what is your message?

Alag: Our Message is keep doing good work and don’t listen to any one if you think you are the best.

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