Someone looking for twins? Come to “The Twin House”


The Twin HouseOklahoma City: A house nicknamed as “The Twin House” when three consecutive families, resident of it, had twins.

According to the owner of the house the last three successive residents of the house had twins and more surprisingly in each case are of different sexes.

Patrick and Jennifer Gaines moved into the house in April 2002 and were the first couple of the house to have a boy and a girl.

Afterwards Jonathon Storment and Tina Sawtelle took the house and in January 2010 found out that they, too, were to be the parents of twins — a boy and a girl.

The third and current residents Brady and Chelsea Smith moved in and shared the legacy.

When the smiths were asked would they disclose the twin track record of the house if they ever sold their home? Ms. Smith said “Absolutely,” and her husband laughingly added, “Maybe we could sell it to someone looking for twins.”