Apple iPhone 6 and iOS 7 to have Swype, Cloud Gaming, Advanced Siri and features?


With so many rumours already being circulated on digital world, Apple must have been working to make its next iPhone series smartphone a real ‘killer’.

But growing grievances of members of Apple’s cult community is really interesting to watch. With so many lacking, iOS 6 was considered not up to the mark by Apple lovers.

Keyboard Problem

Similarly keyboard function, which some thinks considered as sacred to be changed by Apple executives, is also a matter of noise from Apple users.

Camera not at its best

Camera of next iPhone should be a priority as well as people think that camera functioning is much better and sophisticated in Android devices, the natural competitor of Apple’s iOS.

Siri needs assistance

Some users complain that to prove all boasting about Siri, a digital assistant on iOS devices, Apple should some concrete things. Siri has gone through many development but still it needs to be made smarter in iOS 7.

According to a report on Auto o Mobile, Apple could have considered following changes as well in its upcoming iOS 7 and iPhone 6 to appease Apple cult community to reduce fear of diverting this community to Samsung or other brands:

Swype keyboard

iPhone 6 and iOS 7 may have a feature of Swype keyboard. Swype is an innovative text-input app — which allows text to be entered with the “Swype” of a finger rather than a tap — is only available on Android.

This is because, as some called irritating, typing something on iOS devices is just a trial of patience and introduction of Swype app could be a well-suited remedy to this.

Cloud Gaming

Another exciting feature could be the introduction of cloud gaming though it would be too early to say keeping in view of Apple’s nature of work in mind.

According to Wikipedia, Cloud gaming, also called gaming on demand, is a type of online gaming that allows direct and on-demand streaming of games onto a computer, similar to video on demand, through the use of a thin client, in which the actual game is stored on the operator’s or game company’s server and is streamed directly to computers accessing the server through the client

But the question is whether Apple would be able to break its shell to make its cult community breath at last or not?