Samsung Galaxy S4: S Pen Stylus and Holder Kit features and price


As it’s already in news that Samsung is likely to introduce its next flagship smartphone Galaxy S4 in the same line as its Galaxy Note series with the unique feature of S Pen Stylus.

The basic purpose for introducing S Pen is to provide a totally different experience of smartphone use to technology lovers.

According to details available to The News Tribe through the company sources, some features of S Pen for Galaxy S 4 are as follow:

Galaxy S Pen and Holder Kit

The Galaxy S4 S Pen is likely to be available with a holder to revive the traditional ink pen size and feel besides facilitating the user.

The holder is basically aimed at avoiding irritation from users perspective as it could be difficult for some to use S Pen stylus for longer periods of time.

“The company will make available a holder for S Pen to make it a user friendly feature,” company sources said.

This would be pretty much like S Pen Stylus and holder kit which was introduced with Galaxy Note.

“Simply unscrew the cap and insert your stylus into the pen barrel with the stylus pointed through the cap and screw the device back together with the stylus secured inside,” a description of S Pen Stylus with holder kit for Galaxy Note said.

For writing on the Galaxy S4, it’s a lot easier if you write longhand, claims a technology expert and added especially if someone does a lot of writing on his phone  it’s a solid buy.

S Pen and Holder Kit Price

Earlier the price of S Pen Stylus and holder kit for Galaxy Note was set at $59.99. It is expected that the price would more or less be the same to ensure its sell with Galaxy S4 sets.


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