Apple iPhone 6 features may revive slide out keyboard concept?


Last seven years should be called as golden years for Apple as a company. It has dominated, if not high jacked, the market of gadgets; sometimes by its simple iPods and sometimes by its  personal computer systems. Last but not least is its flagship smartphone iPhone.

Apple releases a new iPhone every year, and that phone comes with the latest version of iOS installed. Apple also follows a set pattern of upgradation that leads us to believe that the next iPhone will be dubbed as the iPhone 5S.

Given the stigma that has followed the last two “S” releases, specifically that the “S” phones are  merely incremental upgrades of the previous release, Apple could be looking to mix it up this year.

We’ve heard several rumors that suggest Apple is planning an early release of the next iPhone this year.

One of the reports says that iPhone 6 could revive slide out keyboard concept. Proponent of the slide-out keyboard, however, always has a point: on-screen touch screens are notoriously inaccurate and frustrating, and with iOS (still) offering nothing along the lines of Android’s swipe feature. For sure, feeling of manual buttons while typing would be a welcome feature for some users.

iOS 7, the latest iPhone operating system could also be the key factor for tremendous response for iPhone 6. According to reports, Many other new exciting applications are also in the plan of Apple’s new iPhone.

If these rumors go true, then for sure market for other brands like “Galaxy S4” would definitely be in recession.


  1. Que son estas burradas? Ponerle el Teclado de un Xperia Mini Pro 2 SK17a, a una basura como el I-Phone, jajaja fanáticos aficionados no tienen otra cosa que hacer,,,,,,,,,,,, sigan soñando!.